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Hello! If you have any question, would like to get some additional info, sign up for test knitting, ask me what’s up or just say “Hi!”, use the following form to contact me!

My hours of operation are Monday to Friday, from 8am to 4pm AEST. Please expect a response within that time frame.


Test knitting

If you are interested in testing my patterns, please join the list by filling out the form above and using the proper topic. When the pattern is ready for testing, I’ll contact the people who signed up, provide additional details and, afterwards, pick the testers from those willing to test – the size of the group depends on the project, number of sizes, etc. Thank you!


I will be very pleased if you are interested in working with me! I encourage you to write to me and present your idea – let’s do something beautiful together! Read more about this topic in collaboration section.