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This pattern is digital and available in English, Polish, Dutch, German, French, Spanish and Italian.

In this design I conjured everything that brings us to a paradise island. Smell the warm sand and fragrant suntan oils, taste a coconut water, hear the calm waves, and admire the texture of seashells… Monoi top is a truly romantic and textural summer piece of garment with a meticulously thought-out construction. Uniquely designed straps provide an undeniable charm and together with the built-in lining, make this top very comfortable to wear. All so that we can enjoy the summer to the fullest!

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Monoi top is a partly lined, cropped top with gathered straps with an elastic inside, and decorated with sophisticated lace patterns. The top is a tube, worked in one piece bottom-up. The brim is made by folding the fabric in half and attaching the live stitches to the brim line on the wrong side of the top. The lining is then created using stockinette st and worked in rounds straight down to under bust. The straps are a worked separately. A narrow elastic is pulled through the tunnel to gather the strap. The elastic is secured in place with two stitches at the ends. You can successfully use either a sewing machine or hand sewing. The straps are attached to the top using working yarn and a tapestry needle at the very end. The pattern includes a detailed, step by step tutorial on how to do this.

This top is designed to be skin-tight in the chest and loose around your waist. Monoi must be worn with negative ease and the lace will stretch around your chest.

The pattern contains detailed instructions for making the top in 10 sizes. The original pattern is available in Polish and English. The pattern has been translated to Spanish, German, French, Italian and Dutch by Katia.

The pattern has been created in collaboration with Katia Yarns. If you would like to support me, use this link to buy dedicated yarn for Monoi top or any other product you like: buy now!

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1 (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)
Monoi top should be worn with negative ease. Measure the widest point on your chest and choose the size based on the top’s circumference after stretching. Pick the smallest size such that the stretched measurement is greater than or equal to your measurement, e.g. for 106 cm bust circumference, the correct size is 4 with maximum stretch 110 cm

Circumference measuring flat:
60 (67, 75, 82, 90, 97, 105, 112, 120, 127) cm 23.75 (26.5, 29.5, 32.25, 35.5, 38.25, 41.5, 44, 47.25, 50)”

Circumference after stretching (max stretch):
80 (90, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 170) cm 31.5 (35.5, 39.5, 42.25, 47.25, 51.25, 55, 59, 63, 67)”
The pictures show size 2, with bust circumference 86 cm 34” and 19 cm 7.5” negative ease.

Katia Cotton-Cashmere (sport weight; 50g/155m 169 yards), about: 600 (651, 715, 880, 940, 1112, 1205, 1302, 1500, 1594) meters 656 (712, 782, 962, 1028, 1216, 1317, 1424, 1640, 1743) yards for a cropped top.

3 mm US 2.5 and two sets of 2.5 mm US 1.5 circular needles

Stitch markers, locking stitch markers
and safety pins
Scrap yarn or stitch holder
Tapestry needle and cable needle
Scissors and sewing pins
Sewing needle and color matching
1.5 meter 1.6 yard of 12 mm 0.5” soft elastic

One full repeat of Chart (chart included in the pattern), on 3 mm US 2.5 needles, after blocking:
20 sts x 36 rows – 7.5 cm x 12 cm 3” x 4.75”, which can neatly stretch horizontally to 10 cm 4”
* 24.5 sts x 38 rows – 10 cm x 10 cm 4” x 4” on 2.5 mm US 1.5 needles in Stockinette st, after blocking.

Level: intermediate